Essay about The Issue of Xenophobia and How it Leads to Violence

Essay about The Issue of Xenophobia and How it Leads to Violence

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The shocking and outrageous xenophobia, which is an irrational fear or hatred of foreigners, has hit South Africa. I want to discuss this terrible behaviour with you today because I believe it is important that people should know about the issue of xenophobia and how it leads to violence and racism amongst the people within South Africa, as well as the effects it has on South Africa and its people as a whole.

I also believe that if people are more aware of this situation, they can educate others and try finding a solution to decrease and possibly prevent the issue of xenophobia.

Following the 1994 elections, when South Africa became a democratic country, the fear of xenophobia increased and is still continuing today. In May 2008, xenophobia became the topic of conversation owing to the shock and outrage of the occurrence of violence against foreigners in South Africa.

This is owing to the fact where several riots and protests broke out that started in the township Alexander as residents attacked migrants from Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe causing two people ending up dead and forty others injured.

Within a number of weeks the violence and xenophobia spread to other communities within the Gauteng Province and then spread to the coastal cities of Durban and Cape Town. Attacks were also reported in parts of the Southern Cape, Mpumalanga, the North West and Free State.

During 2009, reports arose indicating a possible reappearance of xenophobic attacks in the Western Cape. In July 2012, there were new attacks in parts of Cape Town and in the Free State. The attacks arose again in 2013 as on 30 May 2013, 25-year-old Abdi Nasir Mahmoud Good, was stoned to death, which was taken on a mobile phone and posted on the In...

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The organization AXA was formed as a managing body that works on national scale by giving a shared technologically based setup to help its member organisations work more successfully, individually and cooperatively by helping to reduce the issue of xenophobia and violent attacks.
The South Africa’s legal system and the constitution law makes have taken a clear position that recognition of the fundamental human rights is only inside of South African borders.
So in conclusion, the media has covered xenophobia extensively. They have gone into these areas, interviewed both attackers and victims of xenophobia and published many stories in many different media platforms.
Whilst the media can research, communicate and play on people’s emotions, we need Government and the Law to listen and work with the media to put an end to such draconian behaviour.

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