An Essay About Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela
Human history has been marked with long and painful struggles that fought for human rights and freedoms. Discrimination and racial oppression has always been one of the most controversial struggles for mankind. For South Africa, it was a country where black people were oppressed by the white minority. The colonization of South Africa began in the 18th century by the Dutch empire after Dutch trading companies started using its cape as a center for trading between Asia and Europe ( Soon after, the British took over the country and declared it part of the British Empire ( Decades after, Afrikaners, who descended from the original Dutch settlers that occupied South Africa, started working on creating a state that separates between black people and whites. Their plans were to create a separation between black people and whites that involved excluding blacks from all types of social, economic, and political activities within the country. All South African natives knew the bad conditions that their people were forced to live in but only a few of them took the responsibility of sacrificing their lives and freedom for the rights of their people. One South African citizen, Nelson Mandela, can be considered the main hero for the South African freedom revolution and the hero for millions of people fighting for their freedoms worldwide. Mandela’s long walk for freedom defined South African history and entered world history as one of the most influential fights for freedom and human rights in the world.
Rolihlahla Madiba Dalibhunga Mandela whom was later known as Nelson Mandel was born in the rural village Mvezo located in the Transkei district, on July 18, 1918 (Scott 7). His original name,...

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...ber- that focused on raising money for poor people and victims of AIDs (Limb 124). His fights against AIDs became a personal fight when he lost his son to AIDs in 2005. After a living more than quarter of his life in prison fighting for the freedom and rights of his people, Nelson Mandela died from a respiratory infection at the age of 95 on December 5, 2013 (
In conclusion, Mandela’s fight for freedom and equality between people of different races was very important in showing the world that discrimination is unacceptable. His hard work and patience during his painful time in prison was the perfect example of what a freedom fighter would do for his people and their rights. Nelson believed that power should be given to the people in order for them to have the strength to protect their rights and freedoms from discrimination and unfair treatment.
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