Essay on The Issue Of Food Security

Essay on The Issue Of Food Security

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In recent years, provincial and territorial governments across Canada have begun to develop programs and policies to address the issue of food security. These programs have the potential to play a role in reducing acute health care costs through preventative measures, support economic development and create jobs by developing local agri-food industries, raise the quality of life of residents by increasing access to safe, nutritious food, and promote environmental wellbeing through sustainable agriculture techniques or the promotion of local food.
The isolation of many parts of the Northwest Territories, and the cost of transporting food to remote communities, means that food insecurity is high and perishable, nutritious products are not always available. The government of NWT has several programs that assist the development of hunting and trapping in the territory and support the teaching of this knowledge to the next generation. The “ Take a Kid Trapping Program,” facilitated by the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs and Environment and Natural Resources, encourages youth to learn traditional skills including fishing, hunting and trapping. Also, the Community Harvesters Assistance Program provides funding to Local Wildlife Committees to distribute tools and equipment necessary for traditional hunting and trapping, reducing the operating cost of harvesting for members. While the conventional agriculture industry in North West Territory is relatively small, it is a valuable source of food for the province. The industry uses a “NWT Grown” label to promote local foods within grocery stores. Government support for agriculture is provided through the federal-territorial Agricultural Policy Framework. This provides funding ...

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...ies and underprivileged areas” and to “continue to support contingency food aid projects, particularly for children.”102 The first annual report of the Government Action Plan outlines the steps taken to address food security in Quebec. Over three years between 2002-2003 and 2004-2005, $10 million was provided to fund projects such as cooking workshops, buyers’ groups, workshops on thrifty cuisine and budgeting, publication of a directory of food resources, community kitchens, and community gardens. 103 Over these three years, over 250 projects were carried 36 Provincial Approaches to Food Security out across the province.104 Investments in food security projects are described as being “investments against poverty.”105 An additional $2 million in separate funding is provided annually to Club des petit dejeuners du Quebec which provides breakfasts for children. 10

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