Essay on The Issue Of Border Security

Essay on The Issue Of Border Security

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Border Security
Every four years, people from all over this country argue and debate what is best for this country, the so-called winner of these series of debates, becomes our next president. These people want what is best for this country, but often times are unwilling to try anything absurd, with the exception of Donald Trump, who doesn’t care what anyone thinks. One of the biggest issues currently debated within the candidates, and all over the country, is the dilemma of the border between Mexico and the United States. Millions of people every year, not just Mexicans, cross this border in hopes of finding a better life, just as the pilgrims and everyone since then did. The argument arises of what we, as the people of The United States, should do with the border. Our current president believes in ignoring what is happening, and then gives the illegals citizenship, promoting more people to illegally immigrate into this country. The majority of the population is outraged at President Obama’s actions and are calling for the border to be one hundred percent secured. These are the main two stands that people generally take on the border, however, there are many more options, one of which being to open the border. Hardworking people deserve a chance to be part of this great nation, so why are we doing everything in our power to stop these people from coming to America?
It seems today that President Obama has completely ignored the situation at the border, and approves of people illegally immigrating into this country; he has shown no efforts to secure the border, and then grants these felons immunity and citizenship. There are now approximately eleven million illegals living in The United States that are not only taking jobs, abus...

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...ential of annexing Mexico is extraordinary, yet no one will do it.
With today’s world of government being run by appeasement, rather than what would be good for this country, it is highly unlikely that anything will change about the border. This is evident through our past seven years with the current president, and the only future presidential candidate who could care less about appeasement, will not get elected. Until people learn that the government needs to do its job no matter whose toes it steps on, we cannot truly help the people that we could, including ourselves. The potential to do great things for everyone is there, we just will not access it, it is not a matter of can or cannot, we simply will not. We need to change our country, starting with dramatic changes such as annexing Mexico, especially since we technically owned all of it at one point in time.

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