The Issue Of Amnesty On The United States Essay

The Issue Of Amnesty On The United States Essay

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The issue at hand is amnesty in the United States. This issue has become one of utmost importance to the people of the United States, as it is a hot topic in the Presidential primaries. There are currently over 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States (Alis Dicpinigaitis). Granting amnesty would be allowing these illegal immigrants to stay in the United States and earn citizenship, instead of being deported. The issue of amnesty is one that pours into other issues, such as the economy, national security, and crime. On one hand, some argue that allowing amnesty for these illegal immigrants will increase our deficit by a substantial amount (Alis Dicpinigaitis). On the other hand, some people will argue that you it will help the economy grow because of the sheer numbers (Peter Pawlick). The issue amnesty overall is huge, because it will effect you economically, good or bad, no matter what. The stances on immigration usually come down to those that disagree with amnesty, people who agree with amnesty, and those that are moderate on the amnesty issue.
Amnesty is an issue that caught my attention immediately. This issue is so compelling to me, because I have always been a fan of politics and I have heard the issue discussed multiple times in the debate, as well as a current court case about amnesty. It grabbed my attention because of the major effects it could have on the U.S. economically, especially when it could lead to higher taxes effecting any U.S. citizen. Anybody that is a United States citizens needs to take a stand on this issue and become educated on what side they believe will best benefit the country. The reason that the illegal immigrants in the United States would be interested is because it affects them direc...

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...s reward those illegal immigrants for breaking our law, and United States citizens could lose jobs to these immigrants as well.
The problem at hand is there are millions of illegal immigrants in the United States, and the options as of now are to deport or grant amnesty. This is a huge matter because granting amnesty will have a major effect on this nation. Some solutions would be to grant these illegal immigrants amnesty, and put them on a path to citizenship and make them pay taxes. Another solution would be to deport them from the country back to where they originally came from. Another option is to grant amnesty to the most prestigious of the illegal immigrants, those that are already financially stable. I would like to know if anyone has a stricter way of granting limited amnesty to few, but after the fact no longer grant amnesty and crack down the borders.

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