Compare And Contrast The Articles Of Confederation And The Constitution

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The founding fathers composed the United State 's first constitution, the Articles of Confederation, which was put into effect in 1781. Moreover, this constitution was known as the “league of friendship” and had major faults embedded within it. Consequently, these major faults lead to the formulation of a new constitution, the United States Constitution, which was put into effect in 1789, in which we still use today. The constitutions are both similar in retrospect but when one compares them directly the differences out lay the similarities. Regarding both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, many differences lay between them, specifically, the principle of Federalism and the distribution of power between the state and federal government. The distinctions between the two documents are evident in depicting why the Articles of Confederations and the Constitution were written and accepted at the time period.
The Articles of Confederation and the Constitution are both similar in the spectrum of being Constitutional blueprints for the United States, however the distinctions are far more than the similarities. The Articles of Confederation had a unicameral legislature also referred to as the Congress of Confederation. The Congress of Confederation was the only branch of
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The Articles of Confederation set the building blocks for the United States and at the time the purposes written in the Confederation sounded legitimate. However, after experiencing difficulties arising from the Confederation the Constitution of the United States was written. Amongst the documents there are many differences separating the two Constitutions, and why the Articles of Confederations and the Constitution were written and undertaken at the specific time
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