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The moment when someone is considered a “Human Being” has been under much controversy lately. There are many different points of view on this issue. Some believe that a fetus is not a person till the lungs are completely developed. While others believe that a baby should not be considered a person till three days after it is born. While people who back these different viewpoints each have their arguments. They have the wrong starting point, theses people are using science as their base of truth; and while science can give inside into this issue, science also changes its view on topics. There is however one thing that has been proven true through out the centuries, this is Bible. The Bible gives solid evidence that life begins at fertilization. It is because of the Bible that it can be known for sure that life begins at the moment of fertilization.
In order to gain perspective we must first weed out the false views on this topic. The most popular one being the implantation view, this says that a fetus is not a person till it implants in the uterus wall. According to this view a zygote would not be considered a person till about six to nine days after it has been conceived. In the 26th edition of Steadman’s Medical Dictionary the being of life is said to be “act of conceiving, or becoming pregnant; fertilization of the oocyte (ovum) by a spermatozoon to form a viable zygote.” In this definition the beginning of life is said to start at the moment of fertilization. Then in the 27th edition of Steadman’s Medical Dictionary the beginning of life is defined as “Act of conceiving; the implantation of the blastocysts in the endometrium.” The scientific community for no reason redefined the starting point of life. Where the first journa...

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...niversity of Pennsylvania states “I am no more prepared to say that these early stages [of development in the womb] represent an incomplete human being than I would be to say that the child prior to the dramatic effects of puberty…is not a human being. This is human life at every stage.”
Two view points that have completely different starting points. The implantation view doesn’t view the zygote as a human being till it has implanted in the uterus wall. This would mean that the zygote would not be considered a human being and have the right to life for six to nine days after fertilization. The implantation argument is based on the views of the ever-changing science community. While the Genetic argument which says that life begins at the time of fertilization and that each stage is a stage of human development, is based on the steady and truthful word of the Bible.

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