Essay about Islam, Buddhist, Jewish And Christianity

Essay about Islam, Buddhist, Jewish And Christianity

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What is Ulambana in Buddhist, Ramadan in Islam, Tish’a B’av in Jewish, and Nativity of Mary in Christianity? and what are Islam, Buddhist, Jewish and Christianity?. The answer for the first question is these are religious events for different kinds of religions around the world. And for the second question the answer would be, these are names for different religions that people around the world follow. Religions? what is religion? why people would follow one such thing? why do they have different events? and why people follow different religions? The questions become deeper about this subject. Religion is like a puzzle and the answer for this puzzle would create so many questions, and some of them won’t have answers. This essay will provide some questions that religions create, but first we need to understand what do we mean by Religion?.
According to Religious and tolerance website “The English word religion has been originally derived from the Latin word "religo" which means "good faith," or ritual”. People around the world follow religions in order to worship God. However, there are some religions don 't worship God! In addition, we would ask what they worship? Is God even exist? How does God look like? Are we following the right religion? All these different kind of questions are the reasons to why should we learn more about our religions. Why do we study religions? To answer these “ambiguous questions”.Moreover, we need to study Religious traditions in order to understand people with different kinds of faith and beliefs.Furthermore, we study the religious tradition in order to be aware of the idealism and realism of our religions, traditions, cultures, and even our ordinary actions.
As it mentioned before, religions play ...

... middle of paper ... However, there are some differences among them. For example, Portier focuses on the social/traditional way of religions. Moreover, he explains that ones you understand people traditions and their way of living, you can understand their religious actions.
The last approach is Nostra Aetate’s approach which is theological approach. Nostra is against the one mountain approach. In addition, she thinks that Prothero is right when he claims that all religions are not one. However, Prothero focuses on the world religions, while Nostra focuses on the Catholic church and its relationships among the other religions such as Islam and Jewish. Nostra said, “Catholic church rejects nothing of what is true and holy in these religions”. Consequently, she states that the catholic church respect other religions even though that Catholic church is different from other religions.

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