Islam And The Muslim Religion Essay

Islam And The Muslim Religion Essay

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The most primary foundation of the Muslim religion begins with the prophet Muhammad, around 610 CE (Fisher, 378). Muhammad encountered God’s messenger, Gabriel, who ordered him to recite God’s words that subsequently became the Quran . With this revelation, Muhammad’s responsibility was to deliver and define the message of the word of the Quran to the society because it was a very complicated book to understand. Allah discussed many different topics including the life of jihad. The central message of jihad is the consistent struggle to be a better Muslim, the way that Allah had intended. Modern day Muslims have re-interpreted the message of the Quran to their egotistical views that has provoked controversy and chaos. In an opposing manner, there are two approaches of jihad, the greater jihad, and the lesser jihad (Fisher, 423). The jihad is a form of obligation to the Sharia law, the law of Islam.
The greater jihad is a focus of someone’s internal struggle for keeping the Muslim faith for as long as they are Muslims (Fisher, 423). There are two characteristics of the greater jihad, jihad of the heart and soul, and jihad by the tongue/pen. Jihad of the heart is the greatest jihad there is. It is the true internal struggle someone can face between good and evil. Muslims have to practice jihad of the heart and soul everyday in order to overcome anger, fear, and desire. Jihad by the tongue/pen is when someone delivers the word of Allah. This person can be a scholar who defends his/her country...

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...ists have in common is the resentment aimed at society and an egotistic need for acknowledgement that leaves for a brutal honor (Butler, 20). The expressed formality of jihad is the struggle to develop into an improved Muslim. The Muslim population is expected to rise to occupy one-third of the world population by the year 2050 (Burke, The World’s Fastest growing religion). With that, evolution is inevitable, the same stands for traditional and radical worldviews of Islam. Religious practice and Islamic ancestors ideals have been augmented through time creating new interpretations of the Quran. Imagine playing a game of telephone, the message starts unmolested, slowly transitioning into an almost unrecognizable rendition of the very same story.

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