Is Torture Justified? Or Not? Essay

Is Torture Justified? Or Not? Essay

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Is Torture Justified?
The issue of torture is nothing new. It was done in the past and it’s done now in the 21st century. Without saying one side is right and the other side is wrong, let us discuss the part that we agree on and find common ground. We as Americans want to protect Americans from harms. So how do we prevent that from happening without torturing? It is impossible to get answer without some sort of questioning and intimidation techniques, since we know captured prisoners during war are not easily going to give up information. We know the enemy we face doesn’t follow the Geneva Convention or any law that pertains to war, so does that mean we shouldn’t also follow the Geneva Convention also, which prohibits torture? Of course not, because we want to be example for the world. Republicans argue that we have to do whatever is necessary to keep Americans safe, and Democrats argue it goes against our values and makes us look bad. We as Americans, as leader of the free world we want to set a good examples for other nation. We should look deep into ourselves as Americans, and ask ourselves do we want to be associated with those gruesome picture of prisoners treated like animals? Most of us would not want to be associated or even for people to think that is what America does.
Before I present both sides of the issue of torture, let’s first define torture according to Geneva Convention. The legal definition of torture in human rights differs from the ways it is used in the media and when generally speaking. According to the Geneva Convention of human right
Torture means any act by where severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purpose as obtaining from him or a third...

... middle of paper ... in way using the justification the Bush admiration was using. Here she realizes that gruesome things happen during war she accept it. If you look at history how wars are fought, there are things that go on one cannot even imagine. “Yes, it seems that one picture is worth a thousand word words”. Those pictures that showed how the prisoners were treated is going to be associated with what America did in Iraq no matter how our leaders try to avoid them. Those photos that were taken by prison guard were not fabricated; people in the government didn’t want to believe it was really going on or knew but wanted to keep attention away from what was going on. Photograph are powerful tool because they make us remember an event that happened more. For America, the picture of hooded prisoners in Iraq and other places run by the US will always be associated with United States.

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