Is there such a thing as “Evidence-Based Management” ? Essay

Is there such a thing as “Evidence-Based Management” ? Essay

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There are plenty of ways and practices available to managers, practitioners and educators to carry out their businesses for the persuasion of required goals, this vast array of choice and awareness make them ambitious to decide which one is workable and which one is not and this make them always keep on trying one and other technique, method or/and process and at this point according to Pfeffer and Sutton(2006) evidence rescue them to decide which one is the right one. This essay, focusing on this respect, will be a critical reading and analysis of strengths and weaknesses to Rousseau’s (2006) article on ‘Is there such a thing as “Evidence –Based Management”. This essay will first introduce how if evidence based management helps managers. Secondly, it will analyze Rousseau’s repeatedly references to the development in clinical and evidence based medicines and links it with evidence based management and what is the status of evidence based management practices. Thirdly, it will critically analyze the Rousseau’s use of story “Making feedback people friendly”. Followed by how there is variation between theory and practice. Fourthly, This essay will critically analyze Organizational Legitimacy, implementation of knowledge as an outcome of evidence based management and roles of schools, teachers, students in creating the environment for evidence based management.

Rousseau says by citing Barlow(2004) ,DeAngelis(2005),Lemieux Charles & Champ agu (2004), Walshe & Rundall(2001) that Evidence based management helps managers to gain expertise and making effective decision which otherwise they cannot arise at by using solely their own intuition. These evidences are specific to not only problems faced but also to culture and other organizat...

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