Is The Fetus A Person With A Right? Essay

Is The Fetus A Person With A Right? Essay

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“Is the fetus a person with a right to life?” This is what people usually start off by asking when discussing the morality of abortion. “Do we have the same reasons not to kill a fetus that we have not to kill an adult?” This is what Don Marquis is asking. Marquis explains that killing adults is wrong because it deprives them of their future (RTD pg. 81). But in killing a fetus we are also depriving it of its future, therefore it is contradictory to favor one and not the other.
What makes killing wrong, according to Marquis, is not its effect on the murderer nor its effect on the victim’s friends and relatives, but its effect on the victim (RTD pg. 84). The loss of ones life deprives one of all the experiences that one could have had such as projects, activities, and enjoyments. Basically, everything that life has to offer would have been an option to be in ones future. Therefore, killing is wrong because it is one of the greatest losses on the victim, no one else. The future with experiences, projects, enjoyments, and activities is valuable on its own but also each experience or project can lead to something greater and also valuable. Some parts of the future aren’t even valued as they come, but as one grows, they become more valuable. Being killed deprives one of what they value now and what they would have valued in the future. “What makes killing any adult human being prima facie seriously wrong is the loss of his or her future” (RTD pg. 85).
According to Marquis the anti-abortionist will have a strong and supporting argument. She will assert that life is present from the moment of conception or that fetuses look like babies (RTD pg. 82). She will say that fetuses have the genetic code already in them that is necessary and ...

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...hat would have been its’ future. What should she do? Some would say – a pro-choicer -, abort the fetus because a fetus is not a baby. Others – anti-abortionist - would say have the baby, do not be a murderer and do not be selfish. It’s the consequence for not being responsible and one has to be held responsible for ones own actions. If one hits a car on accident and wants to run away because one does not want to pay for damage or insurance increasing, is that responsible? Is that selfish? Is the woman being selfish, or does one not have the right to judge her because she can do what she wants to her body. The woman can do whatever she wants to her own body so she can protect her future, at the cost of the future of someone else. What does that make the woman? These are the obstacles of moral values one has to pay attention to when studying this situation in ethics.

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