Is The American Prison System Inhumane? Essay

Is The American Prison System Inhumane? Essay

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Is the American Prison System Inhumane? Absolutely. It is badly overcrowded that they have to be sent to some other prison do to that overcrowding. Also, something that people should remember is that not everyone in jail has been convicted; many are awaiting trial or some are trying to immigrate to the US and are being held until their case can be reviewed.
Also the American prison is inhumane because it’s also underfunded and the prisoners have to face inhumane and unsanitary conditions, such as lack of clean water.US prisons are breeding ground for violence. I think these places are supposed to improve inmates into law abiding people. Instead of doing this they turn even the harmless criminals into the most violent ones. One man is sentenced to one year due to drug trafficking. Another man is sentenced to life without parole for several brutal murders. Despite the different levels of their crimes, they could possibly be bunked together in the same cell. This right here is a prime example of what the department of corrections will do to hold an inmate down. By involving non-violent criminals with heinous ones, they are creating a situation of fear and defense. The man who is in for excruciating violent behavior could easily try to hurt his cell mate. He has nothing to lose. Is the man with minor charges expected to not defend himself? No. That’s where the violence sets in. When you mix completely different criminals together on purpose, there is going to be an outbreak of violence.
Another flaw of the DOC is the hiring process of correctional staff. I have a great deal of thanks for those who have put their safety on the line to control inmates. However, I also believe they have much to do with the violent outbreaks. For some off...

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...omes the victim. These prisons are inhumane, chaotic, and lacking necessary resources. Until prison systems of America reach a solid stability of rehabilitation, the inmates will continue to involve themselves in crime. These places should be for improvement, not corrupt.
Also a person was in prison for a white collar crime and was not released when his sentence was up. His lawyer filed to have him released, but the paperwork just ended up at the bottom of the stack. It took months longer than it should have. Just like in the article The Prison problem the author said "Pretty much everybody from Barack Obama to Carly Fiorina seems to agree that far too many Americans are stuck behind bars. It is true because not many will be able to leave that place. If they get lucky they will have chances of leaving but most likely will return like a few years after their release.

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