Mass Incarceration: The Prison System: Funny, Entertaining, And Poor Health Care System

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I found this video funny, entertaining, and engaging. The clip start off with John Oliver saying how the United State have over two million prisoners which is more than the prison population of China, saying that American prisons are broken. According to China, it has one of the highest population in American and most of our products and goods are made from China. With the United State having more prisoners than China, it just make the United State look pathetic. John entertain viewers by using funny scenario that are related to prison, scene from movie,s and kids shows such as the sesame street; which include singing and dancing. From the video Prison Last Week Tonight clip, the scenario that I found that was the most entertaining and funny…show more content…
I totally agreed with John because from what I see in the world right now, the world is getting more and more corrupted; not just adults are doing drugs and committing crimes but also young teenagers. According to an online article Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2016 written by Peter Wagner, from the prison data of 2016, Wagner states that “ almost half a million people are locked up because of a drug offense”. Therefore , due drug offense in the United State, that’s why the prison population in the United State is so high. As for poor health care system, in the book Correctional Health Care: Guideline for the Management of an Adequate Delivery, It proves that jail in the United State have the worst health care system. In two- third of the jails, the only medical facility within the jail itself is first aid. On the regular basic, physicians were not available even on an on call basis. Also resources for handling medical issues are limited. So there is not much prisoners can do if they get injured or hurt. As for living condition in prison, jails and prisons lacks the facilities necessary to handle inmate’s health care needs and not only that the living conditions are very poor and cramp. Referring back to the video that John Oliver discuss, when the solitary confinement ask the prison director a question, with long thoughts he finally says, “ It’s ten by seven”. Comparing that to a ping pong table like John said, it’s not that