Essay on Is Homeschooling A Taboo Subject?

Essay on Is Homeschooling A Taboo Subject?

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The most common question asked to children and teenagers is usually, “where do you go to school?” Some children and teens respond quickly with, “Jackson Prep, Madison High, etc.” Others shuffle their feet and mutter, “homeschooled.” Why is homeschooling such a taboo subject? It’s because, in modern times, the word “homeschooling” is often associated with crazy parents and poorly socialized and undereducated children, who use the bible for a curriculum. But, others know homeschoolers to be kind, well adjusted, intelligent, and hardworking students. So who is right? An article by the Minnesota Homeschoolers Alliance states Homeschooled children are well socialized and out perform their public school counter parts. Journalist Margret Boyce says the public school system is necessary for our country and children exempt from it grow up isolated.
Homeschooling Students Are Well Socialized by the Minnesota Homeschoolers Alliance says, “’socialization’ is defined as ‘the process of learning to interact appropriately with other members of society.’” Scientific research is referenced to measure certain homeschooling children’s ability to socialize against public school counterparts. Using scientifically accepted scales of child behavioral measurement, two studies were conducted, one of which was a blind study, and they both showed homeschooled children out scored their public school counterparts remarkably. Homeschoolers has fewer problems socializing with other children and showed greater maturity. The lead researcher of one of the studies attributed this to “public school students are socialized "horizontally" into conformity by their same-age peers, while homeschooled students are socialized "vertically" toward responsibility and adultho...

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... the short period of life spent in school is over. Public schools will also benefit a child, however. A child whose parents work too much to be able to provide them with an education, a child who can only excel in a competitive environment, or a child who is simply intelligent enough to succeed in any environment. Both sources can agree, the success or failure of a child’s education depends just as much on the child as it does the education system or parents. As Boyce herself says, “I have met and talked with a variety of home-schoolers, both children and parents. Many have great gaps in their knowledge. Many are incredibly naïve. Some do quite well—they would have been superstars in school.” Just as in homeschooling, public school is horrible for some and heaven for others. Choosing the system that will work best for your child is, ultimately, every parent’s duty.

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