Essay on Is Hockey A Hockey Game?

Essay on Is Hockey A Hockey Game?

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While it could be debated if Bettman 's theory is correct, there is no denying that the exposure the NHL has gotten, sending and risking their best players to the past five olympics has no transcended into bringing in new fans or higher television viewer ratings.

But for all of Bettman 's arguments he failed to mention the 'Moral Argument ' for not going to South Korea. This one reasoning alone should be enough to persuade players from ever setting foot in South Korea, much less playing a hockey game there.

Pyeongchang organizers consider securing the participation of NHL players to be of critical importance, as ice hockey is one of the most popular sports at the Winter Games. The International Olympic Committee 's (IOC) negotiations with the NHL over having the league 's players competing in Pyeongchang have stalled over the IOC 's decision not to pay for NHL players ' travel and insurance as it has in the past.

South Korea and the IOC will eventually cave to the NHL player demands because these backward thinkers are so desperate to show the world how far they have come both so...

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