Essay about Is Gender Confused Suffers As Much As The Parents?

Essay about Is Gender Confused Suffers As Much As The Parents?

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When two people are in love and plan on having a family, they look to the future and look at all the wonderful events to come. Yet, they do not think of any negative outcome that may lie in the future. No one likes to think that something different or unexpected can happen to his or her family, but rather image and focus on the great future that is yet to come. However, It seems that people are encountering more conflict with their gender identity and not only the individual but the families as well. This paper will point out how having a child who is gender confused suffers as much as the parents. It is hypothesized that parents who have a transgender child have a hard time accepting the child for who they are because of the negativity that comes along, but at the end support their child’s decision. Some of the consequences that follow are high bulling rates, diseases, and suicide rate on top of daily problems any youth faces.
So many questions come into a child’s mind as well as the parents when making a life choice decision like this. Not only is it going to affect the child but the parent as well, according to many studies done a child as young as two years old can show signs of gender expression. According to Malpas in Between Pink and Blue: A Multi-Dimensional Family Approach to Gender Nonconforming Children and their Families she states that “family picture is more complicated, because of community pressure or personal beliefs, [as] parents.” While the individual is struggling to discover whom he or she really is the parents are having a hard time accepting because they know others will judge their family. What they never saw would be part of their future has now become part of their lives and would change everything. The...

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... on their child’s self esteem, accept the preferences, provide unconditionally love, be open-minded and avoid criticism. Parents need to accept them for who they are, not for who they want them to be.
After all, the world can be cruel sometimes and people can judge them harshly because of their gender non-conformity. Therefore, the parents and family fear for their child’s safety and suture happiness because it is not a safe world for them. The majorities are threatening in schools or work environments by their peers, teasing and bullying which can conduct to violence. Unfortunately, all of this can crush a child and lead them to an unhappy life style, which can result in a suicide accident. Therefore, parents should seek all the help they need and provide unconditional acceptance of their child’s gender preference in order to be able to provide the child’s safety.

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