Is Food Worth More Than Your Life? Essay

Is Food Worth More Than Your Life? Essay

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Is food worth more than your life? If you ask yourself that honestly the answer that you should say is health. How much do you think your health is worth in money? How important is your family to you? If you think that all of those things are important then eating healthy would be a wise choice. Eating healthy is a very positive thing in many aspects.
Eating unhealthy can effect more than just yourself. If you feel like eating healthy is too expensive; how do you feel about your loved ones? Do you want to see your kids grow in to adults? Of course if you have kids you want them to grow up and be healthy and successful. Eating unhealthy may be cheap on money but it costs you in other places. Eating unhealthy can prevent you from being able to exercise to your full potential. If your kids wanted to play when they got older, you would not be able to when you get older and your bad habits catch up to you. Eating unhealthy does not mean you will be fat but it is most likely that you will be over weight. Most times people don not think that it will catch up to them because they are young at that time but with age a person’s metabolism slows down and its not as easy for the body to handle all of the extra fats to where it can break them down and use or discard them. When that happens and a person already does not eat healthy it makes it much harder for the body to work compounding problems.
Family matters to almost any living being. When you gain weight it can be more than a physical health problem. It can also effect your mental state, in which you can become depressed. I have never met a depressed person that was driven so with that said, you would not be very motivated to workout. Not only because you are depressed but you do no...

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... is actually cheaper to eat healthy. Eating unhealthy not only cost more for food but eventually you will have to visit the doctor more and doctor visits are not free nor cheap. Eating healthy influences your entire life. Your family will follow to your example and create healthy habits for the entire family and hopefully for their kids too. You will have more energy and protein needed to workout to your full potential. Eating unhealthy junk food will not leave your body happy, you may be happy at the moment but after awhile when your body is not happy neither will you. I think people should be aware and conscious of their health decisions as they have short term and long term effects. The most unselfish thing in the world would be to take care of not only your diet but also influence your family and friends’ diets everyone may not listen but one is better than none.

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