Is Death A Bad Thing? Essay

Is Death A Bad Thing? Essay

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In life some of us spend our time devoted to finding thrill, maybe even the next best exciting thing. But a particular aphorism quoted by Thomas Higgins that expresses what I think and fits my lifestyle would probably be: “I 'm not scared of death. I just don’t seek it out,” I am not saying that death is a bad thing. But what I think is by not seeking out an early demise I could use biological science to help people. What I seek my thrill in is biology. Yes, biology, the class you once had in high school that you might have sat through and drooled in because of how boring it was. Or maybe you excelled vastly and understand what I 'm trying to transcribe here.
The reason I see a correlation between the aphorism and thesis said previously in the notes above.When someone says they are a biologist, or maybe even any kind of science professionals some people will assume the scientists have big heads and are kind of wimps. Making today 's view on scientist as small weak, very intelligent humans. Some will even go as far as saying scientist are scared of fighting and scared of humans themselves. I personally don’t see how any of that is anywhere close about scientist. I choose biology as my sort of respite. Not because I 'm weak or scared of life, or even scared of death. I 'm choosing it because that’s what I am good at it. By me not looking at something more dangerous like let’s say being an e.m.t, firefighter or even a police officer. I can really focus what I 'm good at and really make a difference for humans as a whole. Whenever I talk about my field of study with my friends, acquaintances, maybe even co workers. Some of the responses time and time again are, “Oh wow why something so boring?.” or something along those generic lin...

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... better life, doing something I love and making a huge difference in the world by just the power of my mind. Maybe even after reading this you will realize, doing what you love is very important. Now matter how small of a thing it is, it 's these things that truly matter. The thing that matters for me is , help as many people as possible because I feel almost the urge to do so. Even Though I can’t be an everyday hero. Just being a hero once to someone just a small time, is miles in the right direction. Even though this was a very very small sliver of my complex thoughts, reasonings and maybe even just a little bit of advice from me. Depending on how this is read, but realize this.What I find solace in isn 't the most exciting, but at least it 's something I love and feel great doing so. I 'm not afraid of dying but if I don 't seek it, more of what I love is to come.

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