Essay on Is Conformity Good Or Bad?

Essay on Is Conformity Good Or Bad?

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On a daily basis, people are being influenced by the people around them, whether it is directly or indirectly. A person’s thoughts, feelings and actions can influence and be influenced by society. These social interactions provide enough opportunity for the presence of people to influence and change behavior, views, and attitudes of an individual. There are several forms of social influences, such as conformity, which I will be discussing. Why we conform has been a topic of considerable interest to social psychologists in particular such as he classic and well-known studies of Muzafer Sherif and Solomon Asch. In addition to researching why we conform, there’s also the question of whether conformity is good or bad.
Psychology, which includes how people think and feel, is described as the scientific study of behavior and mental process. Social psychology also studies behavior and mental process but incorporates how society influences our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. According to Song’s article, “The Psychological Explanation of Conformity”, conformity, which is a form of social influence, is the change of actions or attitudes caused by the pressure from some real or notional groups. In other words, changing one’s behavior to more closely match the actions of others. Over the years, many psychologists have wondered, questioned and researched why people conform and when they are most likely to perform this concept of conformity.
Since conformity is such a pervasive phenomenon that is all around us, people can conform mindlessly and blindly, not knowing that they are doing so. However, there are many theories and reasons to why people may tend to conform in certain situations. According to Deutsch and Gerard, there are two main...

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...n whether conformity is good or bad falls on the individual to decide because there are reasonable and conflicting points that can be made to both sides.
In conclusion, conformity is a concept in which a person changes their own views, beliefs and actions because of the influences around them. It is a difficult matter and can not be discussed without debate. In the past years many psychologist, such as Sherif and Asch, have researched this notion of conformity and have found astonishing results that can be seen in our society today. Whether conformity can be labeled as good or bad depends on the individual. However, one can not deny that conformity is all around us, influencing us in many different ways. Cults, religions and even companies with their advertisements are all examples of using conformity to entice and persuade people into doing and thinking differently.

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