Is Child Workforce a Good Thing? Essay

Is Child Workforce a Good Thing? Essay

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Child Workforce helps struggling parents with paying bills and earning a little extra cash for food or needs to survive. Child labor is a good thing because it helps families that need the money to get out of their debt and need it for everyday life.

Children have been known for helping their parents by doing chores, small favors and in an out house work. Children work similar like parents and get paid by wages and by the hour, some people pay minimum wage and others pay what the job is really worth. In Pennsylvania children were allowed to work in factories from the ages of 8 and older. In the 18th century factories depended on children to show up and work everyday. Families moved to rural areas in the north to farms to look for new industrialized places and made a living. The poor families had to find a good job to support themselves with their family. Factory owners loved child labor because it was cheap and they could support their ideas by saying it was good for the country/state and the economy. Children labor was very useful, because they could fit into smaller areas that the average human could not fit in. The children were used to fix small problems in the machines that could become into a bigger problem, because the grown man's hand could not fit into the smaller areas children were very useful to the factory owners. the factory owners also found it way easier to get them to work easier and to manage and control there feeling to get more work out of them. Owners and parents could send them away for jobs and trade them for older or younger so they could earn more money and make a better living for each other.
So many families had to depend on the kids to go out, work, and make the money for the fam...

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... more and more educated when it came to work, and as they grew up they were better at working and knew the rules of what to do and not to do. “Federal and State child
labor laws governing agricultural employment reflect this belief they are
much less restrictive than those applied to other industries children working on farms owned or operated by a parent are completely exempt from Federal agricultural child labor provisions, and other teenage farm workers are permitted to perform hazardous jobs at younger ages than are their counterparts who work in other industries.” (Child Labor Laws and Enforcement). “From the early 1800's, children were an integral part of the textile industry's work force. In the Manayunk district of Philadelphia, children as young as seven assisted in the spinning and weaving of cotton and woolen goods.” (Kenneth, Wolensky and Judith, Rich)

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