Essay on Is Beyonce Really A Feminist?

Essay on Is Beyonce Really A Feminist?

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Beyonce is known for glamour, makeup, and for dancing around in nearly nothing. She is an extremely prominent pop star, but she’s also known for being a coveted victim of the male ogle. Feminist is not a word normally used to describe Beyonce. Her recent declaration of her feminism has left many wondering if Beyonce really is a feminist. From booty shorts to hair weaves, most argue that Beyonce doesn’t look the part; therefore, she is not a feminist. She may not look the part of a feminist, but Beyonce is a feminist.
Primarily, what does a feminist look like? Feminists are envisioned as prude and overly modest. In actuality, feminists can look like anyone. A feminist could be that vociferous girl in booty shorts you passed on your way to lunch or the quiet kid in the back of the room you don’t even know exists. A feminist doesn’t have to look a certain way to be a feminist. A feminist doesn’t even have to be female at all; in fact, both British heartthrobs, Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch have recently tweeted pictures of themselves wearing shirts saying ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ and have started their own feminism campaigns. The point is, what a person physic is doesn’t make them more or less credible as a feminist. Beyonce should be allowed to wear what she wants and not have to dress a certain way because she is a feminist. It is how she reflects feminism and empowers others that matter.
Now, having gotten what a feminist looks like out of the way, Beyonce represents a strong perspective on the word feminism. Most people look down at her and her “booty-licious” dancing. There is no way such sexual movements could be considered feminism…or can they? Feminism responds to centuries of women being assessed as f...

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...raise girls to see each other as competitors/Not for jobs or for accomplishments/But for the attention of men.” Adichie is saying look what is expected of us, nothing. Women aren’t required to have determination and intellect; in fact, women shouldn’t aspire to be anything. They shouldn’t dream of careers and how to accomplish their goals. They should be drawing hearts around boys’ names in a notebook dreaming of marriage. This is what Adichie and the rest of the world’s feminists are fighting.
Overall, Beyonce is a prominent example of a feminist. She may dress in booty shorts and other revealing clothes, but she is strong. She proves her strength through her movements and her lyrics. She expresses how she can take care of herself and doesn’t need anyone to do it for her. She expresses herself as a feminist and isn’t afraid to challenge anyone who thinks different.

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