Is App More Effective Than A Wireless Emergency Alert ( Wea ) Essay example

Is App More Effective Than A Wireless Emergency Alert ( Wea ) Essay example

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The research aim of the proposed study is to determine if a hurricane application (app) is more effective than a wireless emergency alert (WEA) in delivering hurricane warning information via a smartphone. By investigating that issue, it is hoped to quantify the benefits of a hurricane app over WEA; benefits which could ultimately be used in a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) at some later time. Neither the costs of an app, nor the concerns of a CBA will be considered in this proposed study though. Instead, those important topics are left to other researchers as this study focuses exclusively on the research question: Is an app more effective than WEA in delivering hurricane information?
To investigate that research question, two primary research goals are proposed for this study. The first research goal is to determine what portion of the public is willing to download an “official” hurricane app. No matter how an app performs, it will be decidedly ineffective if no one will install it onto their smartphone. The second research goal is to determine if a hurricane app communicates warning information more effectively than a WEA message. For the purposes of this study, "more effective" communication will be defined as faster, clearer, and more credible. Taken together, both research goals (determining willingness to download and more effective communication) will help to answer the research question.
To achieve those research goals, four research objectives are intended for the proposed study. The first research objective corresponds to research goal #1, while the remaining objectives correspond to research goal #2. The objectives are:
- recording whether or not a participant would download an “official” hurricane app;...

... middle of paper ...

...d. Finally, analytical techniques will be applied, specifically a T-test to compare the app and WEA groups.
As with any experimental research, validity of the results could be a concern. For internal validity, it is imperative that time data, comprehension data, and credibility data accurately reflect the influence of the control (app delivery). Comprehension data, in particular, is a concern--the participant 's ability to recall details may be affected by things other than the method of information delivery such as memory. Additionally, there may be issued with external validity. The fact that we 're sampling from Facebook users may bias the data since we 're not including non-users of Facebook. With recognition of these potential issues, the research has been designed to sample the population as well as possible given logistic and financial limitations.

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