Essay about Is Air Pollution Caused Indoors?

Essay about Is Air Pollution Caused Indoors?

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While all of the issues I mentioned above are related to outside where citizens easily unprotected to anywhere they visit, there is an existence of is air pollution caused indoors as well. By means of indoor, the home you are living in with harmful air particles generated by solid fuels consisted of carbon monoxide (CO), Sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and several other compounds (Bruce, Rogelio & Albalak, 2000. UN Report, 2008 pg. 125-126 and 129). All of those compounds were found in biomass fuels like animal dung, wood, and coal. that lead danger of respiratory health. According to the UN Habitat 2008 (pg. 125-126), “Combustion of wood, for instance, emits 50 times more indoor air pollution than gas from a stove...” this is very common for poor households when they use them to cook and other essential use in developing countries especially in the western parts of China. However, the government has also planned to make transitions by using liquid fuels and electricity in their homes for safer living comfort. However, this transition required an extensive process for many poor households cannot afford yet. Basically, the air pollution is invisible killer that cause harm of citizens’ (among their children) health without even notice they are surrounded by the air themselves (UN Habitat 2008 pg.125-126). I believe the government should propose of using device in all homes that can able to detect if it is safe before they can cook food.
Despite all these issues, it is harder to stop the air population overnight since there are over 1.4 billion people in China (World Population Review, 2015) included over 22 million people living in Beijing (World Population Review, 2012). That large number of population means millions ...

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...ling economy. Ironically, China is known as one of the worst polluting cities because of their economic growth. Even though China residents already have been through many air pollutions in the past, citizens were shocked by the recent event. It is time for the Chinese government officials to step up to prevent the unstoppable air pollution by changing China into a “greener” country and saves millions of lives. While the economy is a top priority in China right now, but Beijing citizens have to keep the balance between safety of their lives and fighting against the pollution. Most of all, I learned it is not about the economy helping to keep China thriving. It is about having available solutions and strategies to replace outdated technologies with newer ones that are designed to make China a healthier living environment and positively impact the quality of human life.

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