Essay on Is Adult High School better than GED?

Essay on Is Adult High School better than GED?

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Adult High School (AH)l is better than General Education Diploma (GED) because of the type of setting environment, availability of assistance, and material used.
In adult High School the setting is different from GED settings.The AH students have a designed building, they have small class which enables for the adult student to get abundant help. For example In an Adult education setting-young adults are able to socialize, emotionally connect, and learn from experience of their fellow classmates or schoolmates. There is competition since all student talk to each other they know who is an “A” student which leads to high competition or they admire each other and that leads to productivity of their studies.The students in adult high school that I conducted research on at Mclain Adult High School of Jeffco go to school from 8:30AM-1:15PM. They have three classes from Monday to Thursday and one class on Fridays that is an elective class that ends at 11:30AM. Davine Wolfe who is among the adult students that I interviewed said, He wakes up early enough to enjoy his three class and can work full time in the evening and same time enjoy what is left of his day on the other hand,GED setting is different. First there are no Schools that is just build for GED students and if there are classes offered it is 2-3 months time. Students are expected to passes their GED and head out. Adult high- schools have books, computer, and tests that are complete introductions. If a student needed to study on their own they can just go get the book and the book introduces the introduction of the topic they are looking for but GED has a limited information, for the person just to pass the test. What happens if you have no strong foundation for you to und...

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... why GED?It is a easy way out. Teens who don’t want to continue to go to high school get the GED.
In conclusion, It is never too late. Mclain Adult High School is for all adults and the teachers are there for the students helping them out. The setting environment is encouraging, the material is useful, and it is easy to get an”A”.

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