Is Access For Quality Health Care For Foreigners? Essay

Is Access For Quality Health Care For Foreigners? Essay

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For the Social Innovation workshop, my team’s topic is about access to quality health care. After researching, we narrowed the topic to quality health care for foreigners. We targeted foreign students who study at community college. Therefore, we decided to hold interviews at City College of San Francisco. We divided our team into two groups with three members in each group. We picked Chinatown campus and Mission campus to represent two big communities, Chinese and Latin communities, that mostly reside in those areas.

Before the workshop, we already developed a set of open questions which we categorized into three phases, decision making, general knowledge of health care, and confidence and understanding. In order to identify the problems, we need to know our interviewees’ story when they are sick. First, we have to know how they react when they are sick, whether they visited any health care provider or not. As a follow up, we want to know their general knowledge about health care in San Francisco. Finally, we try to find stories, which represent their experiences on using any health care services, in order to know how they feel about using the health care services. Therefore, when interviewing the students, our approach is not like holding a serious interview but it’s more about sharing a story to a friend. As a result, we can get stories that raise several problems about access to health care services in San Francisco.

I joined the team which had to interview students and staffs at the Mission campus. In the beginning, it was hard to find students who were available to be interviewed because most of them were in the class. Therefore, we went to the student’s office to interviewed Mission campus staffs. However, because we di...

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In summary, I learn that when interviewing, even though we already narrowed the topics and had some insight about the probable problems, we have to go with empty mind with no assumption. In order to gather more valuable information, we’re not interviewing but like chatting with a friend, because it makes the interviewees feel more relax and find us trustable. Moreover, when identifying problems, it’s natural to get totally different result, even when the data collecting was held in the same city. It actually gives us opportunity to choose which problem that we want to focus on. Although the whole design thinking process is not done yet, this experience, in some way, help me to change my point of view when I want to solve a problem. Therefore, I’m looking forward to continue the design thinking process on solving a health care problem in the Latin community.

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