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Investing Of The New York Stock Exchange Essay examples

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Investing in SolarCity (SCTY)
Stocks are an important part of the economy. “A stock is an ownership share in a corporation. Each of these shares denotes a part ownership for a share owner, stockholder, or shareholder, of that company. Stocks are traded on exchanges all over the world, the largest is the New York Stock Exchange or NYSE (What Is a Stock?).” The economy and stock market are related to each other. When the economy is not doing very well, the price of stocks can go down. This has an impact on people. People will see their wealth fall and this can affect their financial long term. Employees invest in their company’s 401ks and this can cause for the value of their investments to go down as most 401ks are invested in stocks. A company was selected to invest in their stock: need to research the company, followed the stock for three months (buying and selling), created a Profit & Loss statement for my investment for the three months, created an Elasticity of Demand chart, and do a Market Factor Analysis chart.
The company, SolarCity Corporation, trades as SCTY on the stock exchange. SolarCity Corporation designs, manufacturers, and sells solar energy systems to homeowners and businesses to have better, cleaner energy. “The components of its solar energy systems include solar panels that convert sunlight into electrical current, inverters that convert the electrical output from the panels to a usable current compatible with the electric grid, racking that attaches the solar panels to the roof or ground and electrical hardware that connects the solar energy system to the electric grid and its monitoring device (SolarCity Corp, 2016).” Homeowners and businesses can save money by installing solar panels on the roofs and this ha...

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...ction with a total of $27.80. See “Three Month Tracking of SolarCity (SCTY) Stock” at the end of this document.
The Company is engaged in sales and marketing activities through direct outside sales force, call centers, door-to-door sales force, channel partner network and solar ambassador program. In the past year, SolarCity management decided to scale back in selling to government and commercial businesses and expanding more in the residential side. The reason is residential installations allows higher margins. SolarCity continues to develop its own solar system and component stream. SolarCity management hopes this will help the company’s revenue.
SolarCity Corporation is going to be successful as people want cleaner energy. One day there will not be enough electricity to go around and people will have to generate their own electricity. Solar panels is the way to go.

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