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Development of Megacities I. Introduction There are three kinds of development in megacities we would like to explore in this paper, they are sustainable development, economic development and human development. Those kinds of development face many problems in megacities. In 1950 there were only New York and Tokyo as megacities and now in this 21 century the number of megacities are increasing.In 2013 noted there are 28 megacities (New Geography, 2013). Industrialization in developing countries is the main reason why the poor peasant in rural area moved to the cities in the name of better job and higher wages. This urbanization will change the population proportion which is decreasing the rural population and on the other side, increasing the population of urban areas. This continuing movement will inevitably create big and even bigger community in the city and in the end a megacity will be formed. This big number of population influences development of megacities. This paper will discuss about the development of megacities in general, starting with an introduction and then followed by the definition of development and megacity. After that, there will be elaboration of the development of megacities and continue with a section entitled how megacities develop and a brief point about challenges of development of megacities. Finally the paper will reach a study case of the development of Jakarta as a developing-country megacity and ended with a conclusion. II. Definition of Development and Megacity In international parlance, development encompasses the need and the means by which to provide better life for people in poor countries and it includes not only economic growth, although that is crucial, but also human development like... ... middle of paper ... ...-friendly homes that have been started in the company in Jakarta, which uses solar energy for their power sources. VII. Conclusion Development of megacities is increasing. This can be seen that 28 cities of 28 countries become megacities in 21 century. We focus on three kinds of development in megacities; they are economic development, human development, and sustainable development. Economic development concern on the improvement of economic activities to invest the consumption, human development concern on the individual matter such as self-development, the relations among human beings in all aspects, and human rights, and sustainable development concerns on economic, environmental and social objectives that should be balance between the needs of present and needs of future. And Jakarta is one of the examples of development of megacities in developing countries.
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