The Intrinsic Layer Of The Effect Of Depletion Region Essays

The Intrinsic Layer Of The Effect Of Depletion Region Essays

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Actually, this intrinsic layer increases of the effect of depletion region. Now photon have much higher chance to be absorbed in the intrinsic layers rather than the relatively thin n and p region [3]. Also the middle extended intrinsic layer has high resistance which helps to occur a high voltage drop inside it. This eventually creates a high electric field inside the intrinsic layer, and this extended depletion region can be controlled carrying the thickness of the intrinsic layer. As a result, the drift component of the photocurrent plays the dominating role comparing to the diffusion component because most of the incident power absorbed inside the intrinsic layer. As a result the rise time and responsivity problem can be solved. The wide intrinsic layer also will drastically reduce the junction capacitance, which in turn will decrease the rise time. Another advantage of the large intrinsic layer is the ability to optimize sensitivity to a particular wavelength by adjusting the width [6]. We can shift the peak of the spectral response to a desired operating frequency by adjusting the width of intrinsic layer.

C.Avalanche photodiodes
The avalanche photodiode (APD) is the photomultiplier equivalent for semiconductor detectors. APD gives internal gain but not as much as photomultiplier. APDs are capable to achieve gain of a few hundreds while photomultipliers can achieve gain on the order of 106 [5]. Moreover, in practical case it is preferred because the detectors with large responsivity requires less optical power. The internal current gain is obtained by the process of impact ionization where an accelerating electron generates another electron-hole pair [7]. The accelerating electron provides some of its kinetic energy to an ...

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...ogy, it is appropriate to use FET technology for MSM photodiode. Flip-chip optoelectronic integrated circuit (OEIC) is a combined technology that can be used for fabricating combined InGaAs receivers [9]-[10]. We can fabricate photodiode on InP chip and the other electronic component of receiver on GaAs chip, then with OEIC technology we can combine these two. The main advantage of this case is minimum input capacitance with optimum independent electronic components an photodiode on two different chips. The figure below shows the flip-chip OEIC technology.

Fig. 17. Flip-chip technology for integrated circuits.

There are many other approaches to fabricate photodiode and other receiver electronic components in one chip or two different chips. Moreover, the packaging of optical receiver is also important issue because the optical receiver’s performance depends on it.

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