Essay on Intrinsic Benefits of Cooperative Learning

Essay on Intrinsic Benefits of Cooperative Learning

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The effects of cooperative learning on academic achievement are positive and measurable. Student’s continual discussion and summarization of the information allows the child to gain a more solid understanding which leads to higher retention of the material. Also, when a student encounters part of the assignment that he struggles with, his peers shall take on the role of teacher and assist him with overcoming this hurdle. In doing so, the student who may once have failed will now achieve due to the help of his group members. However, a question to be posed is whether cooperative learning provides any further benefits other than academic achievement.
In a typical classroom setting, it has been noted that “interactions between students of different ethnic groups is typically competitive and superficial” (Slavin, 1995, p. 51). Through the implementation of cooperative learning groups in the classroom, teachers are creating the opportunity for students of various ethnic groups to work together who ultimately, are striving to reach the same shared goal. Creating groups such as these indirectly teaches the student support of interracial interactions. However for this to be effective, the teacher must assure that each student holds an equal role within the group. Cooperative learning provides the chance to create a means for interaction with students with disabilities. Students with disabilities are often the target of negative feedback and feelings because they do not appear to fare as well academically. When working in a cooperative learning group, disabled students can make a meaningful contribution within the group, which in turn can positively lead to acceptance by the main streamed students.
Robert Slavin (1995) has found that o...

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...-making, trust building, communication and conflict-management (Palmer, 2003). They will be given the opportunity to build their own and their fellow classmate’s self-esteem to a higher level. Finally, within a nurturing environment, the students will receive encouragement in a cooperative setting from me, the instructor and their peers which will help to develop higher-efficacy (Palmer, 2003).

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