Into The Fray: What Controls Politics

Into The Fray: What Controls Politics

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The issue in this case study describes how the American politics are being controlled by higher people. It does not necessarily have to be in the political field, but actions taken are based on the political minds. In this case Michael has an expectation to be the next in line of the retired president, Lucien Beaumont because he believes he had the most qualification and probably the one who knows best about the position.
In American world, people do what they have to do to get to where they have to in other to succeed in the business world, and based on the information given about Michael’s situation, none of his colleague demonstrated legitimate political behavior and that is because everyone wants the position he his fighting for and they all did what they felt they have to do to get to their desired position. An example that was giving in the text was “he notices Danielle Harcourt--the global category director for vodka and liqueurs and Michael's chief competitor for Lucien's job-networking with some of the Paris executives at a launch party for one of Michael's brands. She has also reached out to at least one of his direct reports.” It was also mentioned in the same text that before he could confront Danielle that he his also interested in the positioned, he got a call from CEO Pierre Hoffman and that was when the proposition was laid to him about the work offer in China.
If I was to advice Michael, I would advice him to go ahead and take the China job offer in the sense he can start afresh and he can work his way up and provide to people over there that whatever position he his interested in, he deserves it because he has proved himself to be worth it. Another reason I would advice him to take the job is because of diversity. He would be able to learn the Chinese history, things the Chinese people seek in business people and things they expect of business men and women in China. He also would have taken the time to learn how to speak their language so he can interact with them business or personal life. After all this personal learning, when he has taken the position he seek to have, he would have brought himself up to understand the Chinese culture and also he would have no problem to relate with the Chinese people.

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I would give an example of a friend of mine who actually went to China and he had a rough time for 2 months because he did not take the time to learn things about the Chinese country before he went. He learnt in the hard way that in Chinese you do not look at people right in their eyes because it is disrespectful, whereas in America, it is okay to look people in the eyes because it shows that you are listening to what they say or you are interested in what they have to say. But in Chinese, you looking at people exactly in the eyes especially when they are older than you mean you are being disrespectful. Another mistake he made was that in Chinese, before they decide to have business with you, they believe it is best to know someone on a personal level before they integrate to the business level. He did not understand that and when his business associate who is a Chinese tried to know personal things about him, he got really upset and it took him quit sometime to understand that. I gave this example so that Michael would understand why it is important for him to take the job offer in Chinese and things he needed to know to succeed.
There are lots of conflicts going on about that position and if I were to be Michael, I would forfeit that position because of the problem that comes with taking that position. An example to prove that there is conflict going on is that of Danielle who is also interested in that position and there are lots of people in that company who are also interested apart from Michael and Danielle. So I would advice him to take the China offer and go start afresh where there are no conflicts about who is best for the position and there are no jealousies. Michael does not have any power in this situation and that is because he his not the boss. He is interested in the position, but he still does not have the say in it, and the only person or people who have a say in this position are people who were right under the former president who still have the powers to make decision before a new president is chosen.
I would advice that Michael should try to make friends with high political people that have influence in the company he his working and the reason would be because when crisis arise in his business that might jeopardize him to retire or quite, if he has political influence, they can vouch for him and they can use their position to over ride Michael getting fired in the next future. The other advice I would give is for him to contribute to the public and make it heavenly, and the reason so is because when the community sees what he his doing, they also can vouch for him. Many politicians do this and that is because they know if the community knows about their charity work, they have more upper hands that the community would like them and want them around at all means so as to benefit their community more heavenly.
In conclusion, I would advice Michael that regardless of where he accepts the job, he should learn to spread the power. He should give his colleagues rooms to share their opinion and he should be able to take criticism so as to improve in his work and also to make people like him. He should also allow his employees to give any idea they have so as to make them feel appreciated and responsible.

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