Essay about Interview With Five Veteran Teachers

Essay about Interview With Five Veteran Teachers

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This essay discusses five veteran teacher responses to ten questions. Interviews were conducted by telephone. Those interviews consist of three, five, ten, fifteen, and twenty year teachers. However, the interview included the teaching styles, how they relate to real world situations that involves education, and their personal educational philosophies. The ten questions and responses will be discussed and evaluated in comprehending if these teachers have the benefit of students’ education in focus or on the back burner. Question number one consisted of their philosophies or views about the education system before they actually worked in a classroom. Also have their views changed when working as a teacher became a reality. Second question specify after working in a classroom setting and gaining some experience, how have they been able begin to incorporate their values with the concept of the school environment? Third question regarded their experiences working as a teacher and the advice they would they a potential teacher as they began their journey of becoming a teacher. Fourth question regarded the methods used to work with students with behavior issues that interrupt the class while they are trying to teach a lesson. Fifth question involved their views about the No Child Left behind including its impact on children’s academic performance. Sixth question concerns how social and economic status has an impact on a child’s learning. Seventh question regards their teaching style when they began teaching and if they have the same teaching style after having years of teaching experience. Eighth question consists of ways that NCLB be improved regarding your classroom experience.

Ninth question involves the years of tea...

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... behavior. However, both the fifth and tenth year teacher dealt with their behavior problems distinctively than the other teachers. The fifth year teacher said that he establish behavior ground rules at the first of the year. Tenth-year teacher says that she impart the student the power to take responsible of how his or her behavior should be dealt with. In dealing with behavior I will pursue the advice of the fifth year teacher which is to set up behavior ground rules at the beginning of the year with the consequences when broken. However, I did not agree with the tenth-year teacher stating that she gives the student the control to be responsible for his or her own behavior due to the fact that the student parents may not have raised their son or daughter up morally which could lead to the student not following through on completing his or her assignment.

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