The Intersections Of Race, Class And Gender Essay

The Intersections Of Race, Class And Gender Essay

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The article being analyzed is called “The Intersections of Race, Class and Gender in the Anti-Racist Discourse" by George Dei. The purpose of the article is to outline the idea that race cannot be analysed by itself, rather it has to be separated and looked at in connection to other types of identities. The author argues that the current theory about race does not provide a concise understanding of “human and social development”. The ideas surrounding race that already exist do not consider the “totality of human experiences”. This is where the author argues that the study of anti-racism is "integrative". These type of studies aim to provide information on how different identities such as race, class, gender, sexual orientation are connected to one another. The problem this article has with the current approach to analyzing race is the emphasis on single identities. These single identities can be related to oppression by dominant groups. The main goal of this article is to truly explore and reveal how race, skin color and gender have an impact on a person 's life and how they are connected to a person 's identity.
The author states that all identities have to be “problematized”. This allows a clear definition to be established for the inequality created by the different forms of oppression. This is highlighted by the fact that society cannot change just because one form of oppression has been eliminated. The author argues that if the connection between identities is realized, this will allow society to challenge social oppression. It also has to be remembered however, that not all oppressions are on the same level. Integrative anti-racism takes into consideration the significance of the “politics of identities. The author argu...

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...n as competing for primacy". How is this possible in a capitalistic society where exploitation and competition are necessary to be successful. It is an unrealistic expectation, one that doesn 't seem possible in our current society. Another issue that arises is one form of oppression essentially ignoring another. If half the population of Canada is oppressed then they are unlikely to recognize other oppressions going on in our society. Rather, they 'll just focus on theirs. The author even acknowledges this by stating "selecting one form of human experience as a point of entry may render another experience invisible". Putting race at the forefront of oppression is dangerous because it ignores other oppressions going on in our society and gives privilege to one set of oppressed group. The question then arises does that not make the oppressed group now the oppressors?

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