The Internet : The Greatest Invention Of The Modern Day Essay

The Internet : The Greatest Invention Of The Modern Day Essay

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The internet. The world is becoming more linked with it every passing day. It’s what allows your smart phone to connect to twitter, and what allows you to skype someone on the other side of the planet. Most people have used it every day for good reason, it’s awesome. The internet is perhaps the greatest invention of the modern day. It has changed billions of people’s lives, and has changed our society to revolve around it. The funny thing is, like a lot of inventions, the brilliant people who developed the early forms of the what we call the internet today had no idea how their invention would change the world. It is a tool that defined a generation of humans. It’s hard in the modern day to find a person in the United States who isn’t on the internet in some form every day. The internet has total changed the ways that we connect with others, and provides the much needed freedom that people need.
The internet can’t really, like most inventions, be attributed to one specific individual. It can’t event be attributed to one country. The internet as we know it really didn’t come into existence until the 1990s. According to the Wikipedia entry titled “Internet”, the British, French, and Americans all played their roles in the development of the early backbone to the internet, but nobody can be attributed with inventing it (Wikipedia). In a New York Times article titled “ARPAnet, Granddaddy of Them All”, the Times describes one of those early systems developed by the U.S was the ARPANET developed in 1969. Back in 1969 there were no computers like we have today. Instead there were huge systems called mainframes that were used by scientist to complete a task. What ARPANET set out to do was allow these mainframes to be able to process m...

... middle of paper ... a whole, and I believe overwhelmingly for the better. People can now connect with others in ways that we were not capable before. People can also be and say who they really are all because of the internet. As the internet begins to become more and more available to those in developing countries their ideas will be available to us all. The internet will continue to change and improve as time goes on. It has already left a massive impact on our day to day lives. We are already close to being able to download a 3D model of an organ that could potentially be able to save someone, Syrian refugees are using Facebook and Twitter now to navigate their way to Europe, and there is most likely a Kickstarter out there to help fund something great. The internet to this point has accomplished amazing things and change our society, and it will continue to for centuries to come.

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