Essay on International Trade Has Shaped Our Everyday Lives And The World

Essay on International Trade Has Shaped Our Everyday Lives And The World

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International trade has shaped our everyday lives and the world we are living in today. International trade is the standard process by which countries exchange goods and services. Countries basically trade with each other to get things that are superior in quality, less cheap in price or simply different from what is produced at home. The Bangladeshi banks offer foreign exchange services under the Foreign Exchange Act of 1947 which is used for dealing in foreign exchange business, and at the same time Import and Export Control Act of 1950 is for Documentary Credits. JBL has become a part of SWIFT (Society For Worldwide Inter Bank Financial Telecommunication) in 2002, which main purpose is to provide a fast, secured & accurate communication network for certain financial transactions such as letter of credit, fund transfer etc. Banking business has become much competitive in terms of the content of products and quality of service now in modern days.
In Banking industry, different software are used for various purposes. For example, the software which is used for opening bank account by deposit and loan customers, and recording their transactions is called Core Banking Software. For managing ATM and POS network, a Switching Software is needed. For credit card issuance and transaction authorization, Credit Card Software is used. Payment Gateway Software is used for settlement of e-commerce transactions. In Jamuna Bank Limited, they realize that if they do not adopt the latest technology in operation and adapt to the atmosphere arising out of technological development they would fall behind from the others.

Jamuna Bank Limited has come along with a third party Flora Limited for their online banking transaction since 2007 and ever...

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...Always remain logged off when the work is done or go for a break.
 Automatic logged out time should be reduced to 15 minutes from 35 minutes and it will be more secured for the system.
 To have more than one voucher generated for partial payment the system needed to be redesigned and more concentration ought to be given to get rid of such problems.
 Create individual password which should be strong and also unwritten in somewhere. Each user must require specific username and password.
 Passwords needed to changed after a certain period and repetition of the old password should not be done.
 All application should be updated after every 6 months and should not install any unauthentic software to the computers.
So by following this recommendation without a shadow of a doubt, Flora Online Banking Solution will be more developed and highly efficient software system.

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