The International System and a Nuclear World Essay examples

The International System and a Nuclear World Essay examples

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Since the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the international world has become increasingly concerned with the development and potential use of destructive nuclear weapons. The Cold War-era saw these concerns at their height, as the US and the Soviet Union vied for superiority in the international system. The fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s seemed to mark an end to the most concerning chapter in the history of nuclear proliferation. However, nuclear weapons have once again come to the forefront of international concern specifically regarding regions like Iran, Pakistan, India, and China. The article “Living with a Nuclear Iran” by Robert D. Kaplan and “America’s Nuclear Meltdown towards “Global Zero”” by Lavina Lee both highlight the growing concern over the development and use of nuclear and ways and argue that direct action must be taken in order to prevent nuclear war from emerging in the future.
In both the aforementioned articles, the authors make plain the idea that nuclear weapons continue to be a concern for many nations. The concern today, the articles agree, differs from that of the Cold War to some extent—it is more commonly feared that revolutionary nations like Iran and Pakistan will develop weapons that could pose a threat to other nations and not so much that the use of nuclear destruction is impending. The authors of these articles seem to agree that “…treaty talks are merely a concessionary phase in the continuing struggle,” (Kaplan 140). This statement highlights the belief that agreements between nations will not be sufficient to prevent the amassment of nuclear weapons; other actions must be taken in order to deter nuclear build-up. The actions to be taken, however, mark contr...

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...t another nuclear standoff and possible nuclear war. The difference in these articles comes in the authors’ ideas of what kind of actions must be taken to combat an increasingly nuclear world. Despite the differences, the message of the articles remains clear—nuclear weapons continue to pose a threat to the world today, and the international system must act in order to prevent the potential catastrophic effects that would result from the use of nuclear weapons.

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