The International Olympic Committee Is Not Meeting The Attendance Expectations Of The Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee Is Not Meeting The Attendance Expectations Of The Olympic Games

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The International Olympic Committee is not meeting the attendance expectations of the Olympic Games.
What strategies should the International Olympic Committee implement in order to increase the attendance to the Olympic Games?

Description of Marketing/Research Question.
Generally, sports events have significant benefits to society which can include: social interaction, association of different cultures and ethnics, and enjoyable times to freely express emotions and feelings. The Olympic Games is a notorious example of it. The Olympic Games bring together many countries, participants and spectators. It “supports cultural integration, promotes ethics, unity, pride, and encourages peace around the world” (Olympic Web). Although, everyone waits for the Summer Olympic Games every four years, the International Olympic Committee is not achieving its attendance goals to it.
Competition after competition the Games have become more popular among people, however, the Game’s attendance seems to not be affected by this growing popularity. On one hand, there was an increase of 600 million to 3.7 billion television viewers from the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta versus the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney (Stillmed). This was followed by 3.9 billion viewers of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens (Stillmed), and reaching 31.1 billion viewers in London 2012 (NBC). On the other hand, Atlanta 1996 expected to receive 11M spectators but approximately 6.3M tickets were sold (NY Times). Later in Athens, 5.3M spectators were expected to be present in 2004, only 3.8M tickets were sold (NY Times).
Clearly, there is a lack of attendance to the Olympic Games and this research paper will analyze and provide marketing strategies ...

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... Everyone has to be approached differently because of many variances such as household life cycle, gender, age, social class, ethnic group and culture. These are factors that are always going to be present. All these differences can directly affect the public behavior, which can make advertising extremely difficult and is causing more people to stay at home and watch the Olympics Games through screen devices. Therefore, bringing people to the Olympic Games becomes harder. For example, by providing unlimited TV and online broadcast of the sport events the International Olympic Committee is losing the public’s interest to buy tickets and experience the Olympic Games in real life. People in today’s world are “screen addicts” and this approach will work in order to gain more viewers. Though, the principal focus is to increase the public attendance to the Olympics Games.

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