International Market Barriers And Global Marketers Essay

International Market Barriers And Global Marketers Essay

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Internationalization is the process of producing and designing products or services that satisfy the needs of and are adaptable to consumers in different cultures and languages (Investopedia, n.d.). It can also be defined as boundless operations of companies besides the domestic market (Business Dictionary, n.d.). Because the products are being internationalized, which means they are available in an enormous market, global marketers not only have a chance to utilize the benefits of the international market to increase profits, but also do they need to consider the barriers to avoid costs. Different preferences, languages, cultures or even laws and regulations are good examples of the international market barriers to global marketers. Thus, it requires an appropriate marketing management and is important to global marketers to understand thoroughly the cultures of targeted markets so as to come up with effective marketing plans and strategies. In the case of McDonald’s, it has many outlets operated around the world offering different features based on the regions. For example, besides the main official food offered worldwide like burgers and fries, McDonald’s also applies some changes in some countries such as Islamic countries, Asian countries, and so on, by adding culture-specific food items and healthy food choices (Bhasin, 2011). This diversity shows McDonald’s ambition of going internationally and helps it maximize the number of consumers.
The reasons for companies being interested in operating businesses internationally or export marketing are the many underlying advantages. First of all, it is a chance for a company to expand its current market. Because of the huge population around the world, advertising products and serv...

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...e of terrorism, can be a problem for international companies. At the moment, McDonald’s is having its restaurants available in almost every country except for some African countries like Zimbabwe, Ghana, or Middle East countries, and North Korea. Another example of the external environment is competitors, either local or international, trying to possess a piece of the market “cake”. Sometimes, every move of the competitors in the market can influence a company’s marketing strategies such as lowering the price, or practicing aggressive advertising to attract more buyers. Hence, it is important for the company to differentiate its products, do competitive analysis, develop efficient distribution channels and innovate consistently. However, such practices require a huge amount of money to and investment on R&D which is a barrier for companies to enter a foreign market.

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