International Management : The Practice Of Managing Business Operations Essay

International Management : The Practice Of Managing Business Operations Essay

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You may ask yourself what is international management? Well, international management is the practice of managing business operations in at least two or more countries. Professionals are familiar with the language culture, economic, and political environment, and business practices of countries in which multinational firms actively trade and invest. They also have the conceptual and analytical skills that are needed to formulate effective management strategies and policies to benefit all the firm’s constituents in today’s globally competitive environment.
Many everyday citizens may wonder why anyone would ever want to learn about international management. Many business professionals are steadily increasing servicing the needs of customers around the world because of the disappearing of the economic boundaries. Broad networks of worldwide financial institutions reduce currency issues.
Business managers that work with business internationally need to have different skills and approaches on how to deal with people of other countries. Three different skills that managers need to have are cultural sensitivity, multilingual, and global management philosophy.
Cultural sensitivity is important because managers know that adapting to different cultures enhances personal and business growth. Manages need to know how important it is to appreciate and respect other cultures and to understand how culture impacts business relationships. It is very important to be multilingual because to be able to converse with other managers and make them comfortable you need to be able to understand and be able to talk to them easily with little confusion. Global management philosophy is important because it is important for successful internationa...

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...ational management, take the time to learn the strategies and develop the cultural sensitivity that lead to success. Navigating the more complex international business market takes specialized communication, diplomatic and negotiation. When you are able to begin to focus on your international management career, you 'll find plenty of opportunities to learn these skills.
As the business world becomes smaller, and more firms enter the global arena, opportunities in international business management will continue to increase. Even business managers based in their home countries will sometimes need to manage teams, partners or suppliers and others. Learning the skills that multicultural business leaders need is a valuable asset for any manager working for an international concern. These skills can be obtained or honed by participating in professional business courses

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