Interaction Between Leader And Followers And Its Effects On Organization

Interaction Between Leader And Followers And Its Effects On Organization

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Karishma Patel
This case is about interaction between leader and followers and its effects on organization, a very good example of presence of in-group and out- group in many organizations. This is a case of creative director of advertizing agency; who has strong relation with one team than others, who gives special treatment to one team than other. As a result, there is issue of inequality and fairness in the agency.
Mills, Smith, and Peters is a reputable for being the best advertising and public relations agency in the country. Carly Peters works for the creative department of the company. Carly has four major account teams. These four teams are headed by Jack, Julie, Terri, and Sarah. Jack’s Team is in-group with Carly as they have done some excellent work for the company and his team is most creative and talented in Carly’s eye. They also spend extra time and willing go extra mile for Carly, and in return, Carly is not afraid to allocate extra resources or free rein on their accounts. Whenever there is a show case to upper management, Carly always uses Jack’s tem. Terry and Julie’s team also very talented, but they think that don’t get good assignment to prove it because all the good assignment always gets assigned to Jack’s team. Jack and Julie both think that Carly is not being fair to them and their team. There are some incidents that prove that Carly is not being fair to their group. On the other side, Sarah also understands that her team is not in inner circle with Carly, but she rather not have headache of going extra mile or work in the weekends. Whether Carly give her ...

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...workplace environment. LMX theory suggest that leaders has to be fair to their followers and should allow them to become as involved in the work as they want to be . Leader should also be sensitive about giving special attention to only some followers. In order to produce positive work environment, Carly should interact with every team fairly and give very team chance to show their talent and work. This will create high quality leader follower relationship which will boost job satisfaction, empowerment in all her teams.
LMX theory is unique because it gives attention to the concept of dynamic relationship leader and follower. Carly as a leader should change her approach and trust in other team for excellent work, in return she will have more team who is willing to extra work for her and there will be a positive work environment in the agency.

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