Intelligence Test : An Individual 's Reasoning Ability Essay

Intelligence Test : An Individual 's Reasoning Ability Essay

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Intelligence Quotient is a score designed to calculate an individual’s reasoning ability. IQ tests are derived from a series of standardized tests that were built with the purpose of assessing human intelligence. The first practical intelligence test was invented by the French psychologist named Alfred Binet. Although Alfred Binet, was the first to create a practical test to identify students in need of assistance; intelligence testing and classifying people through their intelligence has always been a historical attempt and issue.
History of IQ Tests
Intelligence testing first began as a way of guiding students into “specialized curricular tracks” after the World War I (Ravitch, 66). This idea arose as many immigrant children started to enroll in public schools with common school education. The dramatic growth of children in need of an education prompt educators and board members to find new ways of teaching and educating children of many different backgrounds. School: The Story of American Public Education by Sarah Mondale, introduces this controversial issue by summarizing the need of intelligence tests in early history, where “tests were first used during the war to identify future officers, then marketed to the public schools as a tool to facilitate the assignment to different ability groups and different curricula” (Ravitch, 66). This quote demonstrates the historical background of IQ testing and how it was used to identify the smartest individuals for professional/ leadership positions. Later schools were marketed to use these tests to identify the innate intelligence of students and their ability to learn with the applied curriculum. Schools as previously mentioned also use these IQ tests (in many forms SAT, ACT etc.) to...

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...y-kinesthetic, spatial, interpersonal, and intrapersonal intelligences” (Murdoch 184). These intelligences he believed were the differentiating from testing because they did not focus on a specific ability that defined intelligence. Rather these intelligences looked at the more broad scope, taking into consideration the influences different areas have on students. Naturally many psychologists opposed this theory as they believed that intelligence “ are not things that can be seen or counted” (Murdoch 184) This quote illustrates the opposing ideas about IQ testing and how many individuals believe that IQ testing helps us see intelligence, while others believe that a variety of areas influence multiple intelligences. IQ testing is still an unresolved heated debate, as educators struggle to make all students proficient in attempt to make US education better than before.

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