Integrating New Technology Into The Classroom - The Interactive Whiteboard

Integrating New Technology Into The Classroom - The Interactive Whiteboard

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Schools are constantly looking for an edge that will help their students to succeed. One way that schools accomplish this difficult task is by integrating new technology into the classroom. Often times, the decision on which technology to incorporate is driven by trends rather than research. Schools are always in the process of upgrading their technology, often looking at what everyone else is purchasing and then following in their footsteps. Currently, one piece of hardware that many school districts are investing money in is interactive whiteboards. These boards allow the teacher to easily integrate technology into their classroom. With all of the money being spent on interactive white boards, are they really an effective tool? What does the research, teachers, and students have to say about these boards? This paper will explore whether or not interactive white boards are effective in the classroom, from the option of both the teacher and the student.
Implementing technology into the classroom is an expensive endeavor, which schools must constantly be willing to spend money on. When a school decides that they want to have an interactive whiteboard, there are many other costs involved. First, they must purchase the board, a projector, and any needed software. They must also make sure that they have a computer available to connect the board to, as well as a blue tooth device or cables to connect the board to the computer. Some schools have also chosen to mount the projector which is an additional cost for the mount, as well as making sure that there is a power supply available in the ceiling. “Unfortunately, institutions without sufficient state appropriations or huge endowments suffer.” (Vartabedian, 2002) With a...

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...n of topics. This helps to alleviate “down time” and students have less time to become bored because they are not waiting on their peers. Students also talk about “the fact that it is easier to comprehend information that involves shapes and grids because pictures are accurate.” (Hall & Higgins, 2005, p. 106) They do not have to try to interpret teachers drawings which can help them focus on the material that is being presented. Many of the programs that are used in combination with an interactive whiteboard provide students with feedback, which is critical in their understanding. The feedback is instant and helps students to identify misconceptions, and further understanding. When looking at interactive whiteboards from a student’s perspective, you can see that the boards provide the learner with many advantages over previous ways of presenting information.

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