The Inner Workings Of Global Governmental Styles Essay

The Inner Workings Of Global Governmental Styles Essay

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“We define politics as activity related to influencing, making, or implementing collective decisions for a political community”, where as ideologies “ is a package of interrelated ideas and beliefs about government, society, the economy, and human nature that inspire and affect political action (David Close, & Osvaldo Croci, Eric Mintz, 2015, pg 4, pg 55). The different perspectives of each ideology are imperative to the inner workings of global governmental styles. They help in solidifying and justifying certain perspectives of power and influence, while also limiting beliefs and values that are contrary to the “norm”. They also help differentiate and explain key values, rights, freedoms, and moralities of citizens of the world (Close et al., 2015, pg 57). The political spectrum, which attempts to balance extreme left and right wing philosophies, helps determine economies, social values, and general wellbeing. Political ideologies such as liberalism, conservatism, and socialism set key features in place in order for newer ideologies to take form to better suit current times, in order to stay current with citizen view points.

In this paper I will talk about how the political spectrum aids to balance philosophies. Further, I will discuss how each of these individual philosophies, liberalism, conservatism, and socialism overlap and have helped to bring about new infused philosophies that have all evolved over time.

Political Spectrum
To fully understand certain political ideologies viewpoints it is imperative to understand where each ideology stands on the political spectrum. The political spectrum is a way of distinguishing and categorizing ideological positions in terms of being left or right (Close et al., 2015). The terms l...

... middle of paper ...

...alues (Close et al., 2015). Both relate to each other, as key elements from liberalism and conservatism tie into the definitions both (Close et al., 2015). For instances, neo-liberalism is founded on the grounds of a free market system and limited government, both aspects related to conservatism (Close et al., 2015).

The different perspectives of each ideology are important to consider when attempting placing an ideology on the political spectrum. With the everlasting change in societal views, the core meanings of key ideologies such as liberalism, conservatism, and socialism change in order to fit the viewpoints of society at that time. By doing so, new political ideologies are made to better suit changing times. With the creation of these new ideologies, it aids government in creating economies, social values, and general wellbeing for the population.

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