Karl Marx, Gracchus Babeuf, And Owen's Views Of A Utopian Society

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Socialism as defined by the parameters of the post revolution into the pre industrial period was the nearly universally marked by the race to empower the working class. Yet, within this broad definition of socialism, Karl Marx, Gracchus Babeuf, and Robert Owen differ in their views of a utopian society and how it should be formed. It was to be their difference in tradition that caused their break from it to manifest in different forms. Although they had their differences in procedure and motive, these three thinkers formed a paradigm shift that would ignite class struggle and set in motion historical revolutions into the present. Within their views of a utopian community, these men grappled with the very virtues of humanity: greed versus optimism.…show more content…
Published in 1816, Owen’s A New Life for Society was a discussion to try and mend Great Britain’s institutional problems with the working class while avoiding violent revolution. He saw that there needed to be changes to the constitution as well as laws that punished the poor to prevent the vices of society. To do this, Owen asserts to, “withdraw those national laws which chiefly emanate from that erroneous doctrine… training the population to almost every kind of crime. For these laws are, without chance of failure, adapted to produce a long train of crimes.” Owen’s ideology was that starvation, theft, and drunkenness emanated from ignorance being indoctrinated into the poor masses, and universal education was the logical solution. This is apparent as the author argues that, “a national system of education for the poor…to think calmly on these subjects… and they will become conscious of the absurdities and inconsistencies in which their forefathers have trained them… they will exert their utmost faculties to remove the cause of so much misery to man.” All three socialist thinkers believed in free education for the working class. However, it was Owen who believed that enlightenment of the masses would bring about real change and long-term stability in

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