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I was not able to get to a local computer store because, well there isn’t one. The one that was here in town is now an antique shop. I went to Best Buy recently and saw a phone that I really liked. It is called the Samsung Instinct. I have Sprint so I knew I could use the phone. I explored the website later on that night and thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about my really cool new phone.
The Samsung Instinct represents each of the major system components. They include input, storage, and output. There are many ways that the Instinct can do each of these. I will just talk about a few of each.
There is only one way to input information into the Instinct. That is through the touch screen. There are no other keys that can do anything with except bring up go back, home or to the talk screen. It was very confusing at first how to get from one spot to another but I soon figured out that my finger had all the power. I was able to input so much information and every time it took me where I wanted to go. Another example of input on the Instinct is the voice recognition. You can just say someone’s name and it will call them. If there are more then one of a certain name the computer will give you a choice of options. You pick it calls. Other times it calls the persons name you say right away. It was pretty amazing since you don’t have to pre-record the names.
Storage is an important part of this phone. Unfortunately there is not a lot of internal memory on the phone. That’s why Samsung decided to give every one who buys an Instinct a complimentary memory card to go into the phone. That’s a good deal for a consumer to not have to buy extra things for the phone. The memory card allows me to store up to 2 GB. So far I’ve downloaded about 7 ring tones, guitar hero, and stored about 30 songs on the MP3 player. The memory is not even half used up.
An output feature of the Instinct is the fact that you can hook it up to your computer and transfer information to and from the device. It a pretty cool feature since I can upload songs I already have instead of paying for them.

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I can also add pictures for photo ID’s and backgrounds. Overall, it’s a really cool phone and I would recommend it to others. Another really cool output feature is the GPS. The Instinct has turn by turn directions. It is really convenient because now I don’t have to buy a GPS system for vacations.
In’s systems and applications software section online they had programs such as Microsoft Office, McAfee VirusScan Plus, and games like Sims City. Most businesses use Microsoft Office. It is an extremely common system and is easily operated with basic computer skills. Then of course there are the more difficult applications such as QuickBooks. This is a more difficult program. They have a really cool graphic system for a regular computer or laptop. You can do all kinds of things with photographs using the program. In relation to my phone, the Instinct uses application software to download different game. For example I downloaded Guitar Hero to my phone and now I can play any time. The phone also allows me to watch TV.
The hardware necessary to operate programs such as Microsoft is just a Windows or Mac computer that will allow such programs. Some gaming applications require you to have other components downloaded on your computer. They are decisions that you make when deciding on a computer or a game. Are the formats compatible?
No matter what kind of technology we are looking for I think you can find it on They have many, many current products that functions with input and output. They also have lots of extra storage options for things like cameras, phones, and computers. Not only do they have all these options they have many different brands so there are plenty of choices.

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