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Input-Process-Output In order to design an “Design of Chicken Egg Hatching Device”, Figure 3-1 shows to consider four requirements as input for the design (Knowledge requirements, Hardware requirements, Software requirements and Multiple Constraints), and also were we can apply the design standards. The process would require an adequate amount of knowledge in circuitry, programming and egg incubation development The rationality of these inputs should contain an egg turner, microcontroller, Bluetooth module network, and sensors for the hardware requirements. The development should also consider software requirements such as C compiler software and java programming. Part of these rationale inputs must deal with the multiple constraints, trade-offs and engineering standards on the development process to falter upon the constriction. The above requirements must be processed correctly to produce the desired output base from the given detailed design process on Chapter 1, Figure 1-1 Project Development. System Flowchart In Figure 3-2 and 3-3, the system stabilizes the temperature and humidity to its maintaining value by controlling the incandescent bulb on or off. According to the design standard which is the American Standard of Perfection is the standard of temperature inside the incubator wherein the detailed information is shown in Appendix F. The egg turner will automatically be turned three times a day, as part of design standard American Standard of Perfection (see detailed standard shown in appendix F). The egg candling is done once the eggs is on its 1st, 9th and 18th day, throughout the candling process the user can view what is inside the incubator using the live preview from the IP Camera. While viewing the insides of t... ... middle of paper ... ...andling process by turning on or off the egg candler, and also controls the egg turner by moving it counterclockwise (turns left) or clockwise (turns right). The variable "val" is the value received from android phone, the value depends on what the user has chosen and the action of the system depends on the "val" value. The process focuses on how the data is transmitted and received from Android to the Prototype and vice versa as shown in Figure 3-23. The Android phone acts as the controller for the robotic arm and egg turner, which is one of the features and interface specifications of the Design of Chicken Egg Hatching Device. The data that must be monitored such as temperature, humidity and egg's development will be sent to the android phone. The system continuously receives and transmits data from and to the android phone using a Bluetooth module as the medium.

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