Information Security Policy And Access Control Policy Essay

Information Security Policy And Access Control Policy Essay

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Information Security Policy

BY Jianing Wu 300365997

Background for the Information Security Policy

The information technology has been developing at an incredible speed from the 20th century, which has been recognised and widely used in people’s diary life now- people’s personal profile details on the social media, payment details and even businesses using the information technology to make, transfer and analysis their annual income reports. However, as the information technology is becoming an important role in our lives, how to protect the valuable information from being abused has become the topic that people concern more about right now. Information Security policy is deemed to safeguard three primary objectives confidentiality, integrity and availability. And it consists three main elements- Authority & Access Control Policy; Responsibilities, Rights and Duties of Personnel and Security Awareness Sessions. This article is aiming to discuss three key elements of the information security policy and data control and transfer.

Authority & Access Control Policy

The first element of the information security policy is Authority & Access Control Policy. In the information field, the authority & access control system stands for that the valuable data and information assets must guarantee to the person who approved to access and not disclose to others (Alberts & Dorofee, 2002). Take online shopping as an example, and consumers write their private address details, preference order of some particular goods and even individual’s total income per year on the sellers’ websites, and those data has been recorded by retailers so as to continue the following business process. Confidentiality shows that the information and data consumers...

... middle of paper ... should be aware of the importance of it.


As the information security has become a more and more issue in the past decades, policies should be considered by both of individuals and businesses. Authority & Access Control Policy is to keep the information safe and prevent it being abused. Responsibilities, Rights and Duties of Personnel makes the accuracy of data in order not to cause severe outcomes, and Security Awareness Sessions is an ongoing program shall be established and maintained so as to ensure that each of the business’ staff awareness is refreshed and updated as necessary.

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