Information Explosion: How Information Is Every Where Essay

Information Explosion: How Information Is Every Where Essay

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Many administrators, executives, faculty, instructors, IT specialists, librarians, researchers, scholars, school teachers, students, and etc are searching and using information every day. Information is not easy to understand precisely. Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW), information is now delivered and disseminated across many applications, databases, networks, platforms, and systems in the networked information world. Information has a broad domain. Information is everything perceivable around us and only perceivable through our senses. Information exists in many different forms, such as codes, colors, events, facts, graphs, images, letters, lights, news, numbers, pictures, signs, signals, sounds, statistics, tables, texts, waves, and so on. Information can be collected, modified, organized, processed, stored, twisted, and transmitted for some specific purposes. While searching information, we need to define our information needs first before we try to access and locate information resources. Information can be broadly defined as any pattern that can be recognized by some system for examples a living organism, an electronic system or a mechanical device and or that can influence the formation or transformation of other patterns. In context of this assignment, information refers to knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstances. Therefore, by definition, information explosion can be viewed as a sudden increase of knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstances. It is information explosion that leads to information overload. According to, Information Overload is an overwhelming feeling upon the receipt or collection of an indigestible or incom...

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...ion will continue to greatly impact on schools and the society in a more negative than positive way. This is because as Badke (2010) agrees that students are limiting themselves to finding the easiest rather than finding the best information for their research. When a student or researcher, types in their search word or topic in Google and receives 97, 500, 000 results. Do they go through all? No! Most if not all start with the ones they see, first, and most times stop right there. So much information slows down a student, worker, researcher and etc. because it is proven wearisome to go through the abundance of material. Badke also states that Information explosion hampers creativity as persons quickly can source something on the net and duplicates it due to laziness and the availability of it. On the other hand Information explosion gives us a variety of choice.

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