Essay about Information about Company Registration Services in Singapore

Essay about Information about Company Registration Services in Singapore

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Information about Company Registration Services in Singapore
If you are planning to form a company in Singapore then certain requirements are to be fulfilled.
A private limited company has separate legal entity in Singapore, after its registration, whose shareholders are not responsible for company’s debts beyond the contributed share capital. Private limited companies enjoy full tax exemption according to the Inland Revenue Authority, Singapore on the corporate profit of $100,000 in first three years. Only partial exemption on tax for YA 2013, YA 2014 and new 2015 was given to the new companies incorporated on or after 26 Feb 2013 to deal in property development or investment holding. Their capped Corporate Income Tax Rebate for each assessment year was at 30% up to $30,000. You will have to register as a GST entity as Private Limited Exempt Company to claim the GST charged by the developer on purchase of company’s commercial asset.
Our company formation package in Singapore includes the fees ACRA company name & incorporation, service fee, FOC for minutes of first directors’ board meeting, M&AA, company profile, share certificates, bank account opening resolution, electronic certificate of incorporation, 1 Rd company pre-ink stamp, corporate secretarial services Singapore, registered address, for 12 months, trial version of MYOB Premier V13 to maintain your company’s accounts for 30 days only, training for MYOB at promotional rate of $360 to use it effectively and training to make wordpress website at discounted price of $168.
Our package also include free self-collected mails alert emails and parcels, 12 Months Common Fax, 50 Cents per local out-going fax, free forwarding of incoming faxes in PDF format, p...

... middle of paper ... duly signed relevant documents for Singapore Company Incorporation. After successful incorporation of your company stationery and other documents are issued by A.1 Business Pte Ltd to you for opening an account in a corporate bank in Singapore. Mostly banks require duly signed documents and physical presence of the directors of the company to open company’s account. You also have to apply for business license as per your approved business activities including private school, money exchange, restaurant or travel agency etc.
Company documents to be filled annually:
Estimated Chargeable Income within 3 months from the end of their financial or accounting year Hold Annual General Meeting and file Annual returns under Section 175, Section 197 and Section 201 of the Company’s Act Submission of a true and fair view of the company’s accounts to its shareholders

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