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Rational persuasion has been found to be used in all three directions: upwards, downwards and laterally. (Yukl, & Falbe, 1990) Rational persuasion is used in all directions in organizations because it is relevant in most discussions.
Another contingency affecting the use of rational persuasion is the objective of the influence attempt. (Yukl, Guinan, & Sottolano, 1995) Rational persuasion has been shown to be used most often to procure political support, resources, or approvals.
Rational persuasion has been shown to be flexible and adaptable for the vast majority of situations involving influence. However, it is even more so relevant when attempting to obtain the desired results stated above.
Personality Factors
The use of rational persuasion, as an influence tactic, is also affected by the personality style of the influencer. Managers who score high on conscientiousness will be more likely to adopt upward influence tactics that involve rational persuasion. (Cable, & Judge, 2003) Rational persuasions are consistent with the practical, careful, thorough and organized disposition characterized by conscientious workers.
Along with the direct effects of personality styles there is also an interaction between the personality traits of the influencer and the leadership style of the target superior. An individual that scores high on extraversion, and believes their leader is inspirational will be less likely to employ rational persuasion. Extraversion includes characteristics such as assertiveness, sociability, and energy. (Thoms, Moore, & Scott, 1996) Extraverts differ from some conscientious people, in that they tend to be more people focused rather than task focused. Rational persuasion focuses on the task and the reasoning t...

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...nsultation tactics are, for the most part, a positive way to gain commitment of the target. Some peers or superiors, however, will use this tactic in an attempt to bring someone on board of a project simply to place blame on them if it fails.
The two most effective influence tactics are rational persuasion and inspirational appeals. Inspirational appeals are the most effective when used by a superior influencing a subordinate. This type of tactic is unlikely to bring about negative actions by the target. They tend to appeal to the influencers positive emotions of enthusiasm and loyalty. Rational persuasion can be used in upward, lateral, or downward influence, and is a very versatile tactic. It has a low likelihood to cause negative reactions as well. It appeals to the intellectual and rationality side of the target, and doesn’t attack them on a personal level.

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